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Low Mercury
vs. No Mercury

People often ask us where regulatory agencies and bulb manufacturers stand on the issue of recycling low-mercury lamps. For the answer, we went right to sources, and what they had to say may surprise you....


What happens
if I don't recycle?

National consumption of mercury-containing fluorescent and HID lamps exceeds 650 million annually. Their disposal results in over 28,000 pounds of mercury entering our environment...


Lamp Shipping
Information regarding the recommended packing and shipping of recyclable lamps...



Lamp RecyclingRecycling intact lamps is the most cost-effective way to manage mercury-containing lamps as a hazardous waste. It also reduces the risk of mercury vapor release, which can contaminate lakes and streams.

Types of Lamps:

Fluorescent lamps:
First used as overhead lighting in offices, these tube-style lamps now also come in compact globe shapes for a variety of home and office uses.

Mercury vapor lamps:
The first high intensity discharge (HID) lamps with blue-white light, originally used as farmyard lights.

Metal halide lamps:
Newer, more efficient HID lights found in homes and businesses.

High-pressure sodium vapor lamps:
These yellow-white HID lights are used for street lamps and outdoor security lighting.

Low-pressure sodium vapor lamps:
These orange HID lamps are used primarily in commercial settings.

Incandescent lights:
Standard electric light bulbs used in homes and businesses.


Lamp Recyclers Inc. issues a Certificate of Recycling for all lamps that we process. This document should be kept on file as proof that you are properly handling your waste lamps.