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Lamp Recyclers Inc.
serves the Midwest
United States:
Wisconsin, Minnesota,
Illinois, Indiana,
and Michigan.


LRI Medical Waste Disposal
As we explored the possiblity of creating a division of Lamp Recyclers, Inc. to transport regulated medical waste, we asked people what they would like to see in this type of company. It soon became clear to us what we needed to provide...


What happens
if I don't recycle?

National consumption of mercury-containing fluorescent and HID lamps exceeds 650 million annually. Their disposal results in over 28,000 pounds of mercury entering our environment. Spent lighting products are the second largest source of mercury contamination in our country's municipal solid waste system...


Lamp Shipping

Whenever possible palletizing and shrink wrapping will speed the handling process and provide a measure of safety for the handling and transportation of the lamp. Pallets should not be more than 6' high. When shipping small box quantities to Lamp Recyclers via package carrier, be sure to securely tape the ends of the boxes.

Lamp Cartons

To save on your cost, use the same carton that your new bulbs come in. The dividers should be taken out. These boxes are well suited for reuse and will help prevent breakage.

Four-Foot Lamp Cartons:
Approximately 48-60 four-foot lamps will fit into a four-foot lamp box. When the carton is full, close and tape to secure the lamps.

Eight-Foot lamp Cartons:
Approximately 15-30 eight-foot lamps will fit into an eight-foot lamp carton. When the carton is full, close and tape to secure the lamps. U-shaped Lamps: Whenever possible use the original packaging.

Fiber Lamp CartonLamp Recyclers Bulb Drums

These fiber drums are specially designed to store
and transport fluorescent bulbs.

The 21" diameter drum for four-foot lamps
holds between 160-170 T-12 lamps.

The 15" diameter drum for eight-foot lamps
holds between 80-90 T-12 lamps.