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Lamp Recyclers Inc.
serves the Midwest
United States:
Wisconsin, Minnesota,
Illinois, Indiana,
and Michigan.


LRI Medical Waste Disposal
As we explored the possiblity of creating a division of Lamp Recyclers, Inc. to transport regulated medical waste, we asked people what they would like to see in this type of company. It soon became clear to us what we needed to provide...


What happens
if I don't recycle?

National consumption of mercury-containing fluorescent and HID lamps exceeds 650 million annually. Their disposal results in over 28,000 pounds of mercury entering our environment. Spent lighting products are the second largest source of mercury contamination in our country's municipal solid waste system...


Frequently Asked Questions

Why recycle lamps and bulbs?

Hazardous waste regulations prohibit business from diposing of waste lamps and lightbulbs in sanitary landfills.

Why recycle waste computers?

Waste monitors and computers contain toxic heavy metals and may be hazardous waste.

Why recycle batteries?

Batteries, in particular those containing silver, cadmium, lead, or acids have the potential to be hazardous waste.

Why recycle ballasts?

PCB ballasts are regulated under the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) and CERCLA (also known as superfund). Generators of PCB-containing ballasts may incur Superfund liability by disposing of PCB ballasts in a dumpster or landfill.

What about "low mercury" lamps?

While manufacturers may claim that "low-mercury" lamps can be dumped in a landfill, the truth is that your liability for this mercury never ends unless you recycle these mercury-containing lamps.

What does it cost?

What Lamp Recyclers, Inc. charges will vary based on the quantity of material, and the location of the pickup. If you are checking with different recyclers for pricing, keep in mind that most recyclers charge a separate "pickup" charge in addition to the charge for processing your materials. Some of these charges can be quite large, and you should insist on receiving a specific dollar amount for this charge at rthe time fo the quote.