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3055 Holmgren Way
Green Bay, WI 54304

Lamp Recyclers Inc.
serves the Midwest
United States:
Wisconsin, Minnesota,
Illinois, Indiana,
and Michigan.


LRI Medical Waste Disposal
As we explored the possiblity of creating a division of Lamp Recyclers, Inc. to transport regulated medical waste, we asked people what they would like to see in this type of company. It soon became clear to us what we needed to provide...


What happens
if I don't recycle?

National consumption of mercury-containing fluorescent and HID lamps exceeds 650 million annually. Their disposal results in over 28,000 pounds of mercury entering our environment. Spent lighting products are the second largest source of mercury contamination in our country's municipal solid waste system...


Lamp Recyclers - Green Bay, WI

Specialized Recycling Services

Lamp Recyclers, Inc., based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, provides specialized recycling services to commercial, governmental and industrial customers throughout the Midwest region. We are noted for our quick service response to customer needs, and for providing exceptional service at very competitive rates. Incorporated in 1993, we have positioned ourselves as a leader in the recycling industry. This is due to our commitment to safe and legal methods of disposal, and by providing high quality service. Lamp Recyclers provides services that help companies like yours comply with state and federal guidelines for the disposal of potentially hazardous substances.

Our Priorities

Lamp Recyclers Inc. is committed to total recycling of the potentially hazardous wastes that all companies generate. Our priorities are to do everything in our power to protect your company from the liability faced by all waste generators, and to do so while providing the best available service to our customers.

  • Fluorescent
  • Compact
  • Electronics
  • Computer Components
  • Batteries
  • Ballasts
  • Document
  • Medical Waste